Robert de Casares

Robert de Casares comes from a mixed family and has a multi-cultural background. He is a BA and MA in International Relations, International Law, Modern Languages, and History. He began his career at the height of the Cold War. Working for the government, he had numerous overseas postings and travelled extensively around the world as a special consultant on security issues. He is now retired and lives in Spain with his family. He published three novels: The Spy, The Renegade, The Rogue in 2017, The Moonshadow Effect in 2018 and The Silent Message in 2020.

Best-selling books by Robert de Casares

The Moonshadow Effect

Where can you turn when good and evil are working together? And who can you trust? The year is 2022, sea levels are rising and the USA and Russia are locked in a battle for unlimited, restricted power.

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The Spy, The Renegade, The Rogue

Welcome to the wilderness of mirrors! This Cold War espionage thriller, teeming with betrayal, duplicity, duty, love and spy craft, is based on a true story. It is realistic; but reality sometimes goes beyond the wildest fantasies…

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The Silent Message

The world has barely recovered from the coronavirus pandemic, only to face a new, much more sinister threat: The Messiah. Created by the secretive Althofen Club, a group of oligarchs from different countries, the Messiah must bring about depopulation of the planet and give the Club unlimited power, killing humans and leaving all the infrastructure intact. This virus is infinitely worse than COVID-19.

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